These are some of the simplest, yet most effective blog posts that you can create, and they serve a real need that your readers have. You can guide your readers, step-by-step, through a particular process, showing them exactly how to do something.

Your readers are looking to you as the expert, and it’s your responsibility to show them exactly how to achieve their goal.

Examples of this type of blog post include:

● How To Create A Blog
● How To Install The Facebook Pixel On A Website
● How To Get More Email Subscribers
● How To Do More Pushups
● How To Set Up A Roth IRA

Your goal is to give your readers a simple-to-follow guide that will make it as easy as possible to achieve their desired outcome.

When writing how-to and tutorial blog posts, it’s critical to break things down into the most straightforward steps possible. Avoid assuming that your readers know what they’re doing. Remember, they’re looking to you for help.

Also, ensure that your tutorial is as complete as possible. Don’t leave your readers hanging with one or two steps left in the process. Guide them the entire way, from start to finish.

Your goal is to make things as easy and as simple as possible for readers. If possible, include things like screenshots and videos to make your tutorials even simpler to follow.

If you need inspiration when writing a how-to or tutorial blog post, consider watching some related videos on YouTube. YouTube is known for having millions of tutorial videos, and you can indeed find one related to your subject.

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