This is a hybrid between an expert roundup and a resource roundup.

In a quote roundup, you gather many quotes on a particular subject and put them into a single post. This gives your readers a sense of what many people have said about a given topic.

For example, you might create an extensive blog post that has numerous quotes about:

● Overcoming limiting beliefs
● Following your dreams
● The power of intention
● Achieving success
● Rising early
● The power of faith

These posts tend to be more inspirational than other types of posts since they feature poignant quotes. And because they feature so many poignant quotes, they also tend to get shared quite a bit on social media.

If you’re having trouble finding quotes on a particular subject, simply Google “Quotes About [SUBJECT].” You’ll probably find dozens, if not hundreds of quotes on the issue at hand.

Alternatively, you can search quote websites like Brainy Quote or A to Z Quotes to find quotes about just about any subject.

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