If you have a sizable audience, there’s a good chance that they want to know what a day in your life is like. They want to go behind the scenes of your business and see how you do things. They want to learn from you and see what things are like from your vantage point. Doing behind the scenes / a day in the life blog posts is a great way to let your audience get to know you. Start from the moment you wake up until the time you go to bed. Chronicle what each element of your day looks like. ● What is your morning routine? ● What sorts of meetings do you have? ● What strategies do you use to be productive? ● What do interactions with your team look like? ● What is your nightly routine like? ● What do you do to unwind? Your goal is to give others a sense of what your day looks like. If possible, you also want your readers to learn valuable lessons from how you go about your day. For example, maybe you work out early each morning because it helps you feel energized throughout the day. Communicate that to your readers. Or perhaps you eat a specific type of superfood because of the numerous health benefits. Clue your audience into that. Or maybe you do yoga every evening because it helps you to relax. That’s a great tidbit to share with your audience and something they can learn from. If you don’t want to write a behind the scenes blog post, you could always video yourself throughout the day and then post that on your blog. Sometimes that can be even more effective than a written post.
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