Do you skim the news each morning to identify industry trends and get up to date on current events? Why not turn your morning routine into blog posts?

As you skim through the news, identify the most pressing industry trends and current events, and blog about them. Highlight essential details quote relevant sources, and link to the most important articles.

Help your readers get a sense of what’s going on in the world and why it matters.

What’s vital in these blog posts is that you add your unique spin and flavor.

Don’t simply regurgitate the news. Don’t be a headline aggregator. There are already plenty of websites that do that.

Rather, thoughtfully interact with what is happening in the world. Include your comments, opinions, and views. Dissect what is happening in the world and help your readers to see the bigger picture.

Always remember to relate the news to your readers.

● Why does it matter to them?
● What effect will it have on their day-to-day lives?
● Why should they care about this or that particular news item?

It’s critical to keep your readers in mind. You’re not merely talking about the things that interest you. When you blog about news and current events, it should be of critical relevance to your readers.

If you need help staying on top of current events, you may want to consider using a news aggregator like Feedly or Pocket.

These services allow you to import all your favorite news sites into one location and save relevant articles for later reading.

Once you’ve aggregated your news sources, you can read them all in one location rather than flip back and forth between numerous websites.

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