Money V.S. Time

What is your time worth?

Based on a 40 hr workweek, the average American makes $31,099.00 per year or $14.95 per hour!

The average Canadian makes $55,806.40 per year or $26.83 per hour! (Depending on the exchange rate of the Canadian Dollar, these numbers are actually fairly equal in the end).

These numbers ‘Net’, or before taxes. Depending on where you live, your ‘Gross pay’ is much less. Family of 4:

Yearly income of $76,000.00 (Net)
less $12,500.00 (Income Tax)
Gross Income: $63,500.00 (Before other deductions like the medical plan, compensation, and other taxes)

I’m going to bore you with more statistics… sorry! (There is a point to all this, I promise).

The minimum wage in the US is $7.25 to $14.00 per hour

and in Canada $11.00 to $15.00 per hour.

Where do you place on the maps? Most jobs at minimum wage are not the standard 40 hours per week.
So I ask, at minimum wage are you working full-time hours? Or do you have to work 2 part-time jobs to make it?

What does this have to do with being a LapTop Rebel?

I’m so glad you’re asking the RIGHT question!! (Bonus Points for YOU)!

The Average Affiliate Marketer is making $50,433.00 per year! In US Funds! The workweek?
10-30 hrs!!

Why the Difference in hours?

Again, good for you! You’re asking the RIGHT questions!

There’s a couple of reasons for the variance:

Some are working only part-time as a starting point. I would not recommend you quitting your job when you start this Rebel Journey!

2. Others have been able to leave their full-time job, and do this Rebel Life instead!
It’s that simple. I will tell you; you get out what you put in though. If you put in 10 hard, productive hours (a week), it will pay off in the end. 30 hours, of slack and procrastination… the results won’t reflect the same way.

What do I NEED to become a Rebel?

You need to commit, to yourself, to put in the time, and the effort to succeed. If you don’t have that, you will fail.

You need Training. Once you have that it’s simple! (I advise not to get ahead of yourself in the Training portion, by doing that you’ll make things a little harder on yourself).

What you DON’T Need

You don’t need to understand any of the tech stuff; it’s all done for you!

Anything remotely technical, like adding links, is explained in straightforward, easy to follow, detailed steps!

Experience. You don’t need it. All you need is a drive to become an Online Rebel and create an extra or full-time income.

The Bottom Line?

Let’s go with an average of 20 hours per week as an Affiliate Marketer. $50,433.00 per year works out to $48.49 per hour! Not too, shabby!

It’s not an overnight success. It will take time. (I can hear you now)….

How much time?

That’s the unknown. Honestly… I could blow smoke, and tell you x amount of time, but I’d be lying.

Some make money right away, others it takes a year or more.

Here’s my example:

27 years ago, I built a ‘Brick and Mortar’ Business as a Massage Therapist.

To make this VERY long story short… it took me 3 years to grow my business into a successful income! (If I were starting today, it would probably be a year or less. 27 years ago you had to ‘pound’ a lot of pavement to get your name ‘out there,’ and build a clientele).

What is YOUR time Worth Now?

If you have the drive, the commitment, and the desire to have an online income, work from home, or the beach, then I’d love to Welcome you to Team Rebel!!

Your LapTop Rebel,

Please, any questions, or comments?
Let me know in the box below!!

7 Top Evergreen Niches with 10 Sub Niches

What is an Evergreen Niche, and how can I make an income from Evergreen?

Evergreen Niche Defined:
An evergreen niche is an industry with everlasting appeal. Sustainable.

7 Examples of Top Evergreen Niches:

1. Money. Everyone wants to make more, save more, and have more to spend. For a large percentage of the world, population, money is freedom.

2. Fitness. Workout programs in-home, as well as the equipment, has grown exponentially over the last 10 years, and is gaining every year! Showing no sign of slowing down this Niche can be very profitable.

3. Diet Plans. People are looking to become healthier, live longer, and avoid health issues related to bad eating.

4. Relationship Advice. Not just for couples anymore! Team Building, for example, has become more prominent in the workplace, and often this includes Relationship Growth/Improvement.

5. Personal Development. Improving self will never go stale.

6. Travel. One of the largest Evergreen Niches there is! With that, though, comes the competition as well. This market is fairly well saturated, and yet there is still room for more!

7. Home Décor. Trends in decorating changes, and keeping our homes up to date, and looking good will always be the drive behind this popular market.

Some would say these Niches are Saturated… but are they? What about Micro Nicheing them, or even making a focal topic or Profession from a Micro Niche?
In each of these, I’ve included which ‘Hot Niches’ these Sub niches would fit best.

Personal Development & Health (Fitness & Diet)
1. Anger Management
2. Mental Health
No one wants to focus on these issues due to the potential negative connotations, and yet these can be Niches all on their own!
From how to use fitness and diet, to Coaching, these are hot topics that are unappreciated by the on-line Marketing world.

3. Asthma and breathing issues are on the rise. From air purifiers, air filters, and duct cleaning, this Sub Niche is in demand, and on the rise!
Health (Fitness & Diet)

4. Pain Management. People want to decrease their pain and drug intake, but how do they accomplish that? Prescription Medication use is on the rise and costly. Decreasing pain and increasing Life Quality is a major goal for over 50% of the population, and yet it remains almost untapped from a serious perspective.

The Big Niche!! MONEY!!!
So many unappreciated Niches here!!

5. How to spend, and how NOT to spend. Where is your dollar put to the best use?
6. How to Save (especially on a limited income).
7. Taxes (again, a subject no one wants to talk about, no one plans for, and every year we still have to deal with it).
8. Budgeting. Simple budgets escape most of us these days. Why is that? Credit, Credit… and more Credit!
9. How to make money. Making money online is becoming bigger every year, so start maximizing your skills today!
10. Employment Skills. It’s amazing how few people understand this. How to be employable is a niche!

How do you earn from these Niches/Sub Niches?

By taking the skills, you already have, and expanding!

Teach OnLine, Blog, Affiliate Market.
You are a Fitness Trainer. Take the skills you already have, and start publishing Videos (for payment), on:
• Proper form
• What exercises can decrease anger
• What helps with back pain
• Shoulder pain
• What foods should be avoided
• What foods should be increased
• What are endorphins, and how does exercise aid in Mental Health
And that’s just the start of the way you can monetize online. Take it to the next level with Affiliate Marketing:
• Find products that you can back on Amazon (or another Market Place) for example.
• Promote them on your website, and make a commission
You now have 2 Passive Income Streams! Just by using the knowledge you already have!
There are the ideas, now the implementation!!

Implementation of your Niche:
1. Build credibility as an expert. Why this is important:

• Gains the trust of your target audience
• Removes doubt from potential customers
• Establish a higher price point for your products or services
• Develop loyal customers

2. Include the reasons behind your interest. Let your audience know your Why! Why is this important to you?

3. Post regularly

4. Add new research items (product, studies, statistics, etc.)

5. Update your progress and goals. By updating you give a personal perspective to your Niche.

I hope this helped you on on Niches!!
Any questions or comments are always welcome!!

What are Private Label Rights

Private Label Rights, or PLR, Defined:

The license is used for various digital products such as articles, ebooks, software, graphic templates etc. Because there are many buyers of the same product, the price of a single unit is generally lower than if one would create a similar product from scratch (either by himself or by outsourcing). However, people can also purchase private label content that is limited in distribution, minimizing the number of competing marketers using the same content.

What does that mean exactly? It means that the content you were reading what is obtained by purchase.

The problem is it’s not your content, nor can you preview the bulk of the information before purchase. I obtained the two articles below for free, I did have to do quite a bit of editing, for it to make sense, but I did leave some of it alone for your perusal.

The information given isn’t necessarily false, but I find it questionable. You will see my commentary on the side.

PLR Content:

Top 3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Niche

When it comes to starting a blog, many people will tell you to find your passion and write about what you know. While this is excellent advice, it isn’t enough if you want to be successful and make money online.

The key to creating a successful blog, and making money from it is finding a profitable niche.

Finding the right niche to base your blog on is an essential part of building a blog that is often overlooked.

Here are the top four tips for finding the perfect niche for your blog so you can start to make money online.

Pick a Subject You Like Talking About

Starting a blog is an incredibly fun and exciting process. Unfortunately, most people tend to give up after just a couple of months because they’ve lost interest.

It is incredibly essential to pick a niche for your blog that you not only like to talk about but that you like to learn about as well:

a hobby you love
your work
or about the new house, you just bought

You don’t have to be an expert, but you do need to choose a subject that you enjoy talking about, and become an expert!

Complete Market Research

Before you choose a niche for your blog, you need to make sure that there is a big enough market for the topics you want to write about and that you’ll be able to make a profit.

You can do this with little market research. You can start your search with Google Trends. Type your topic into the search bar to see if it has any interest and the monthly search volume for the term.

The graph will show you whether or not the topic is stable. If it shows the topic’s interest as declining, you might want to move on to another niche.

Pick a Smaller Niche

Search for your topic on Google to see how much competition there is for the niche. If there are a lot of results returned, you may want to consider a smaller niche that doesn’t have as much competition.

You can scroll to the bottom of the search results to see other related search terms that you could choose. Pick one of the keywords and analyze it with Google Ads Keyword Planner to find the low competition keywords that you can target.

Once you can find the right niche for your blog, you can start to write high-quality content that helps you stand out from the crowd. Keep these three tips in mind as you try to find the perfect niche for your blog.

5 Tips for Finding a Niche for Your Blog

Over the last decade, blogging has become a great way to make money online.

There are more than two billion blogs on the Internet currently, but unfortunately, not all of them are making money. Too many bloggers try to be everything to everyone and end up lost among the weeds.

If you want to be successful as a blogger and make money from the content you create, then you have to focus on one target. Here are five tips to help you find a niche for your blog and make money online.

Tip #1 – Browse through Reddit

Reddit is a popular forum online for thousands of topics. You can find communities built around every conceivable subject from entrepreneurship to dog training to jokes.

Using Reddit to find a niche is easy. You can click on the “Random” button and browse through the page that you land on and find communities that you might not otherwise know about.

Tip #2 – Use Google Trends

If you need help determining your blog niche, you can use Google Trends to see what people are currently searching for.

Plus, Google provides users with tools that allow them to compare different keywords and provides the geographic location where the search volume for a topic is higher. This information can help you find your target audience.

Tip #3 – Utilize Social Media

Another way to find a niche for your blog is through your social media networks. You can use Pinterest to see what people are pinning the most and look at other people’s boards to find new untapped markets.

You can use Facebook groups to find different topics and communities. Since you’re probably already on your social media accounts daily, why not tap and use them to their fullest potential.

Tip #4 – Consider the Time of Year

You should be aware of the season, holidays, and traditions to provide you with ideas for different niches.

For example, during the holidays, the market becomes flooded with Christmas related items; however, items for Hanukkah and Kwanzaa aren’t as plentiful during this time. You now have the perfect opportunity to change your target, limit your competition, and niche down.

Tip #5 – Ask the Right Questions

When it comes to finding a niche, you have to ask yourself the right questions. Think about how you can use your experiences and knowledge to add value to your target audience’s life.

Think about your accomplishments and unique abilities to help you determine your niche.

Once you figure this out, you can pour your personality into making the highest quality content for your niche.

If you need to find a niche for your blog, use these five tips to help you get started.

Once you determine your niche, don’t hold back; put all you have into creating high-quality content for your audience and begin to earn a living online.


My words


Not all Niches are successful right out of the gate. You can choose to be in the ‘Pack’ or be the ‘Leader of the Pack’.
There are SO many unexplored Niches!

The key is passion. Trending Niches change every day! Yes, there are some Niches that will always be on top (Lose Weight, Make Money, and Sports…but, eventually, even The Kardashians will lose ground!

This argument also contradicts itself in the next section.

I agree. Pick a subject you like, or are passionate about.

Above though, you were told to pick a Niche that was profitable. But what if you’re NOT passionate about Sports?
Any Niche can become profitable, it just may take time. With that in mind, trending Niches take just as much, or more time to gain profit due to competition, so really, what does make a great Niche?

Market Research is important even in a Profitable Niche.
Let me give you an example: Container Gardening. Not necessarily ‘Trending’ today, but still profitable. Why?
Because more people are interested in it! With food going up in price, you can cover so many ‘hot topics’ with it: save money, grow your own organic vegetables, and you can even hit the trending weight loss/nutrition market if you choose.

Why Pick a smaller Niche? You can, but remember; you can also Niche your Niche, and break it down with endless content at your fingertips (blog joke).

Low Competition Keywords… YES!!! Those are your Gold Mine!!
I prefer Jaaxy over Google Ads Keyword Planner. Why? Google will always lead to trends, even in the low competition keyword department.

I find the last paragraph here funny. “You can write high-quality content’…
this is from a PLR document! (That I had to edit so that it would make sense).

Side Note: Suggested Retail Price on this PLR info… $17 Bucks! And I have the ‘rights’ to sell it to you!

Two Billion Blogs. Yep, somewhere in that range, but not all are Niche or money-related. Some are Personal Journals, Newspapers, and Editorials, to mention a few.
This is how we get our news now. Newspapers and even TV News Stations have a Blog Roll!

Affiliate Bloggers don’t ‘get lost among the weeds,’ they give up. Why? I’ll be honest; it can be hard work. It’s enjoyable, but you have to stick with it and work at it. You have to Learn to Earn! Then you need to put in the time and effort to make it count!

I’m not a big Reddit fan. It’s like a strange Gossip/Complaint place to me. Please correct me if I’m out of line here.

My advice? Pinterest, Quora, and Youtube are better for this sort of thing.

I’m pretty sure this was already mentioned at least once.
In order to create content here, the person that wrote this had to repeat themselves… repeatedly.
Is Reddit not a Social Media Platform?
Correct me if I am wrong.
Depending on your Niche, of course, consider the time of year!
For me, this would fall into ‘Consider your Niche Market’ though.
As for using Christmas as the target…retail is breaking out the Merry Ho Ho before Black Friday!
And what if you Niche is Christmas? Or Hanukkah? All year? These are target Markets, or Niches, on their own.
FINALLY!! Something I can agree with!!
This is where you start the Rebel Life!!
Any Questions, comments, or corrections Welcome in the Box below!!

Shaunna LapTop Rebel

Affiliate Marketing Statistics

 =What are the statistics behind Affiliate Marketing? Who is turning to Affiliate Marketing to sell their product, and who is selling them?

Let me start by saying that statistics can be very clinical in tone… so if this post sounds a little boring, I apologize however the numbers are staggering!

Let’s take a look at the Affiliate Statistics, and see what the trends are.

Brand marketing
81%… that’s the statistic of how many brands are Using affiliate marketing As a sales platform.

This gives credence to affiliate marketing, As this form of sales has increased well over 30% in the last few years.

That would be the Affiliate Marketer.

The trend is that 94% of Publishers are using more than one Network for commission income.

Popular Networks



Commission Junction



and of course, we can’t forget Amazon And eBay

Another popular option is to look for a direct connection to the company. (Example Nike).

In 2016-2017, affiliate marketing Represented 20% of all online sales. Increasing by over 10% yearly.

Affiliate Marketing, or Affiliate sales, accounts for $12 billion of the retail market share.

Most Popular Niches
Health and Wellness, Fashion, and Sports are the most common and popular target markets.

There are many untapped markets just waiting to grow! ( Internal Link to Post)

Most affiliate marketers Market 1 to 10 products on their site, while others are marketing well over a hundred products on their site(s).

Suitable for all Ages
The primary age category is 25 to 54 years old. However, one of the recent trends is in the 55 and Beyond age group. Many are looking to supplement their retirement.

A younger group is also coming up in the 15 to 24 category, to supplement income, or for a part-time to full-time income.

The youngest Affiliate Marketer that I know of, is 7 years old… that’s right 7!! He’s a YouTube sensation with his Vlog on toys for kids! Last year he made… MILLIONS!! (I won’t tell you how much as its crazy money)!

35% affiliate marketers are making $20,000 – $75,000 per year. But the Market share is still underrepresented.

Affiliate Marketers do not need formal education, but you will require training.

What training is required?

You will want to learn ( in no particular order):

how to build a website and add content
how to write content
Develop a brand
choose a niche
Learn how to find products
Add links
how to rank in Google
maximize your Google rank
eventually, learn social media and how to use it (I’m still learning this… wish me luck)!
Don’t get discouraged by that ‘shortlist.’ There is so much more, but it is easier than you think!

The Promise
Affiliate marketing will not bring you overnight riches; it takes time and effort. There are few I can make money within the first few months, and the reality is that for most people it will take time.

How long?



A lot of Affiliate Marketing depends on you, the time you put in, and your Niche. You want your Niche to be something you’re passionate about and has monetary potential.

Where to Learn & Cost
Check on my post ‘You, Me, and Affiliate Marketing‘ for the best info.


Can I Earn while Learning?

Yes. With WA, this is a good option.

Do I have to know how to code?


How hard is it to build a website?

Not hard at all. Once you choose your template, adding content becomes more natural. All the hard work is done for you.

What if I get stuck? Is there help available?

Yes. The Community at WA is exceptional. We have thousands (really… Thousands) of coaches, all with unique abilities to help you out! Someone will always be able to help you out!

I will personally help those within my areas of ‘expertise,’ and help find answers for the questions I don’t know the answer too. (I’m Techno Challenged, but I’m learning)! 

Are there any questions that you have that I didn’t answer yet? Just ask me in the section below, and I’ll be happy to answer you!

Thank You, Your LapTop Rebel



LapTop Rebel Tools


for Becoming a Rebel

Every Laptop Rebel needs certain tools,  let’s take a look at it the necessities that you will need to be a true Rebel.

A lot of these tools are free, with some having a pro upgrade that you may or may not need.

Google Voice to Text or Dictation for Mac

As I am unfamiliar with Dictation for Mac, I’m going to assume, but it’s fairly similar for Google Voice to Text.

Google Voice to Text is found in Google Docs, and best of all, it’s free! I find it fairly responsive and have been quite happy with it. It speeds up the process for the ugly first draft for any writing or blogging. Quite frankly, I love it!  ( I love it because I’m not a fast on the keyboard, so I find this saves me a lot of time with content creation).

(In time I do plan on upgrading to Dragon Naturally.  Dragon Naturally is better with voice recognition and has a much better platform because it was designed for a very specific niche originally. The original niche was for visually-impaired, but it has now become very popular with writers of every genre because of its responsiveness).

If anyone has an opinion regarding Dictation for Mac, PLEASE share it in the comment section below! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

Website and Domains

Guess what?!

If you want to be an affiliate marketer you’re going to need a website! There are numerous free options out there for a free website, but are they going to give you what you need?

Often Limited in space and design, many of the free options are great to start with it won’t take you that extra step that you’re going to need sooner rather than later.  Limited in function, this will slow you down.

Wealthy Affiliate offers free websites known as siterubix. These are only as limited as your imagination.  Siterubix also gets indexed on Google and Bing as well as a dot com.

Yes, you can find a great deal on other platforms, example for  $4.99 for a website domain, but they don’t tell you what’s not included in the cost will add up. ( example: I paid  $4.99 for a domain, and ended up spending another $150 for SSL certificate,  mail, and extra space).


The free version sold me! This version includes spell check and punctuation. After using it for several weeks, I decided to upgrade and have never looked back.

Simple to use with so many options from business writing too casual writing it gives you a more professional touch.

Editing documents is faster and more professional. 

While the free version will carry you for the first part of your online Rebel career, I  highly recommend going with the pro version at some point down the road.

 Grammarly Review


Canva free is fairly extensive. you can design just about everything you need from logos to banners to use on your websites.

The upgrade to  Pro Of $119.40 yearly, may or may not be worth it in the end for most affiliate marketers.

Why would I say this? The pro version allows you to: 

  • Control a Brand Kit
  • Resize designs (Which you can do with your editor for free)
  • Animated Graphics
  • Share folders and Templates
  • Export Designs 

Canva Pro may be worth it for larger corporations, but for the individual, not necessary. With Pro, you will still have to pay the $1 (or more) for certain images and backgrounds.

 I do recommend Canva free version, canva Pro… maybe at some point but not right away. When I get a chance to check the 30 Free Trial of Pro, I will do a review of it an let you know what I think).


Let’s face it, very few of us know the HOW working Online works, so training is needed!

With the 50 hours FREE from Wealthy Affiliate, you get a quality starting point. In those 50 hrs, I received more knowledge than I had in my 3 years of searching… worth my time.

Check out the Free training… if you’re not impressed… I’ll eat a donut! LOL

Thank You for stopping by to check out The Tools!!

Questions and Comments always Welcome!!!