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                                                                                        Worth it or Not?

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Online Freelance Writing with Writer’s Work:   


Affiliate Marketing isn’t your thing but have you thought about freelance writing? Online freelance writing has become exceptionally popular and part of the laptop Rebel lifestyle!


Freelancing has become quite popular over the years, and many companies are also farming out specific jobs in projects that require someone to do this sort of work for about 3 to 6 months as opposed to hiring someone full-time.


Maybe writing a Blog, we’re doing affiliate marketing isn’t necessarily what you want to do but you do want to work from home, and you do want to write, so why not freelance writing from home?


How Do You Freelance? 


Several websites are offering freelance writing courses and jobs. But are they doable? Are they reasonably priced? And are they upfront about what they are charging you?


Writer’s Work raises the bar! Not only do they have a job site for Freelancers, but they also have courses so that you can learn how to do freelance writing properly!

writer's work

I’m quite impressed with your membership options. You get Career Training, the writing tools, completion of an online portfolio, and they help you find clients for your work.


The other thing I like is they also have a built-in grammar checker! While I love Grammarly, this too would be handy for those involved with Writer’s Work as it’s in their package!


the training course will help you figure out things like how much to charge for an article, where to find clients how to find jobs on their job posting board, and they claim that they’ll even help you do your taxes!


 Is There a Fee?


Yes, but in checking into freelance writing courses, Writer’s Work is very reasonable. They’re running a great deal right now, and you can save 50 %!

I do advise caution with Writer’s Work. Refering to my previous post 6 Online Income Opportunities, they have had some issues in the past. 

As a LapTop Rebel, I did do some freelance work for a short stint. About five years ago, I won’t tell you the name of the company that I was with, but I found it less than helpful. I found their training to be difficult, and I found their pay low… if you got paid! The time you put into the research, and writing of the article, may pay as little as $8!


There is money to be made and freelancing it’s finding the right place to market your work or learn how to do it from scratch.

Whether you’re a beginner freelancer or season freelancer Writer’s Work could be a winner!



Thank You for taking the time on Worth it or Not!

All Questions and Comments are Welcome in the section below!


Shaunna, LapTop Rebel!


Why I Choose Grammarly

                                                                                                                                                                  WORTH IT OR NOT?

                                                            WORTH IT!!!

                                                                         $$$$$ 5/5!

Why I chose Grammarly Premium:

 If you don’t use it, you lose it!

With a grandmother that taught Junior High and High School English, one would think that I’d be a wizard with such a topic. I was! Then I became an employed adult, and writing became a tedious, work-related charting skill.

As we go through life, one of the things that can happen is that we lose some of the essential learning tools that we’ve tried so hard to achieve. Now you throw in emoticons, LOL acronyms, and lazy language skills, tend to lose the ability to write legibly.

For the last 25 years, my writing has consisted of medical shorthand, medical-legal documentation, and personal journaling. When I started with blogging, I noticed several issues that I was having with the correct form of writing. I would often get carried away with commas and other punctuation errors.   The #1 Writing Tool

It was when I started to notice these errors that I chose Grammarly FREE. Punctuation corrections, common spelling mistakes, were part of the offering in Grammarly free. The free version was fantastic, but I wanted to take my writing skills to the next level.

Why I decided to upgrade to Grammarly Premium

As someone who has decided to become a blogger, and online educator, the lost art of writing proper English is essential to me. I often tend to write in the passive voice when doing the first draft of a post, Grammarly Has changed that. 

I also tend to end sentences with prepositions. Occasionally this would be fine; however, it has become a nasty habit of mine. This no longer happens.

I upgraded to Grammarly Premium because while the spell and punctuation checker improved my writing considerably, I felt I needed a little extra push, and boy, did I get more drive for content!

When becoming a blogger, writer online or offline, the plagiarism checker is essential. One does not want to get caught plagiarizing another’s content! And it’s easier to do than you think, even with an original idea! With so many people on the Web posting, the odds are high that it will happen.

The upgrade I’ve done has already paid for itself tenfold, and I’ve only had it for a month! I use Google Docs voice to text to do a lot of my content, and often I find that my speech pattern gets lost in translation, but with Grammarly the editing more comfortable and faster than ever before! 

My editing time has decreased exponentially!


Grammarly Logo


What has Grammarly done for me? 

1. Increased content creation

2. Increased quality of content

3. Cut back editing time

4. Check plagiarism / Original content

5. Keeps me wanting to create more!!

6. Keeps my writing on track for the appropriate audience






You Won’t be Disappointed!


7 Profitable but Unappreciated Niches

Often I receive questions regarding Niches, and how to choose one… so many Niches, so little time! LOL

I’ve given you the (supposed) ‘top niches,’ that are saturating the Make Money Online Market, but what about the profitable but unappreciated niches? The niches no one really considers? Within about 20 minutes of research, I found HOARDS of these!

Currently, I am maximizing on a Micro-Niche, Pratical Swag, that I discovered through this research! Check it out! (It’s still a work in Progress, but you’ll get the idea!

Here are the Amazon 7 Profitable but Unappreciated Niches:

  1. Ceiling Fans
  2. Mirrors
  3. Walking Sticks
  4. Board Games
  5. Sound Proofing
  6. Survival Kits
  7. Hydroponics Supplies / How to

This is just a taste of what’s available for Profitable but Unappreciated Niches. Niches that do well, but no one talks about them.

Why is That? I’m still trying to find the answer to that!

Home Decor

Hot! Hot! Hot Niche… and yet no one thinks about Ceiling Fans or Mirrors to maximize the look and feel of a room or a home. These two items are ‘micro-niches’ within the broader niche of Home Decor.

In a recent Amazon Search ‘Ceiling Fans’, results came in at 31,851 variables! No one promotes Ceiling Fans as Home decor per se.

Not only can the fit with the Home Decor Niche, but what about Energy Savings, and Green Home Cooling?







The search for Mirrors produced 143,541 results!! Astounding! From Makeup Mirrors, Tall Mirrors, and Hidden Mirrors this Category is a Niche in itself!

Mirrors really only fit in the ‘Home Decor’ category, and maybe Fashion, so this could be one reason as to ‘why’ they are unappreciated as a Niche.













Walking Sticks

Not just canes anymore!

Walking Sticks have become quite popular with the 40+ crowd, power walkers, and trail hikers.

By helping an individual maintain balance, and speed, walking sticks also provide support when needed. Some can be quite ‘fashionable’ as well!                                                                         

Unappreciated because most people associate walking sticks as ‘Senior Aids.’







Board Games

From Clue to Jenga, Board Games are making a comeback. Family Night or Game Night became lost at some point, but with electronics also came a lack of connection. Results for this Niche is coming in at 97,330!

People want to reconnect again, and the Electronics, while still useful and fun, they are being ‘shut off’ for longer periods of time!

This Niche can be Micro-niched down as well:

  • Age group(s)
  • Party size
  • Theme                                                   
  • Educational
  • Active (Twister)
  • Interests

And so on.

Unappreciated because everyone still thinks of Electronics, and yet at the same time they are steering away from them as well.





Sound Proofing

With YouTube Channels growing, and more Vloggers, Sound Proofing is becoming very popular, and affordable! Search results yielded only 1,419 options, and that could be the reason for this Micro-Niche being ignored.

Niche Market Targets are:

  • Vloggers                                                                                                    
  • YouTubers
  • Beginner Studio Set Up
  • Music Room

To list a few! I’m not going to do ALL the homework! LOL




Survival Kits

Most people are unaware of the uses of survival kits. They are used for road travel, boating, hiking, home use, job sites, and in general smart to have.

I’ve already Micro-Niched this category down, quite a bit, but with results coming in at 15,585 why is it unappreciated?  I think it’s because most people don’t think about it enough. Many people Associated survival kit with all the wrong niches and a survival kit does not apply to them.

This Niche can be Micro- niched almost endlessly. A survival kit can save a life, and I think they deserve more attention than their receiving.


Result numbers are not as impressive as I originally thought they would be Coming in at 15,316 I thought there would be more options in this niche. And yet it is growing…LOL… see what I did there?

I’m not sure what you’re paying for vegetables, but I can tell you that as of today, my grocery store wanted $2.59 for celery! That sounds a little steep to me.

Hydroponic gardening is coming back, as it is a great way for urban households to grow their vegetables and saving money in the long run.

From kits to individual pieces so, as well as various ideas as to how to set up a hydroponic garden, books on hydroponic gardening, add various replacement pieces this niche a great market to get into now.                         

Unappreciated because at one point a hydroponic garden meant building a specific shed or barn to build one. Now however anyone even in a small apartment can have a hydroponic vegetable garden!

again this Niche can be Micro Niche down to various vegetables, herbs, And even decorative grasses.

There’s a start to Profitable but Unappreciated Niches for those of you who are unsure of how to maximize making money online!

I hope this helps you get a jump start on a niche market, or two, for ideas on your new Journey to becoming a Laptop  Rebel!

Thank you for joining me today, and if you have any questions or other ideas for unappreciated niches, just let me know in the comments below!

           Your LapTop Rebel Shaunna