It’s no secret that controversy sells. There’s a reason that people love to read the tabloids and that reporters are always chasing controversial subjects. If you’re smart, you can use controversy to your advantage when it comes to blogging.

Consider writing about different controversial subjects within your industry. These types of posts are guaranteed to interest readers and generate a response from them.

Notice that we said to write about controversial subjects within your industry. In other words, primarily focus on issues in which you have expertise.

Avoid simply writing about any controversial subjects. Your goal is not to become a tabloid. Your goal is still to be informational, educational, and entertaining. You’re merely using a controversial subject to achieve that.

When blogging about controversial subjects, be smart. You don’t want to alienate your readers or drive them away with your opinions. Instead, you want to carefully, thoughtfully analyze a controversial subject. Your goal is to provide thoughtful analysis of the issue without offending people unnecessarily.

Granted, you can’t please everyone with your writing. But aim to write in such a way that people will come away informed, educated, and minimally offended.

One simple formula that allows you to write about controversial subjects is the “This vs. That” formula:

● Mac vs. PC
● The Health Benefits of Coffee vs. Tea
● Keto vs. Intermittent Fasting
● Using MailChimp vs. ConvertKit

You’re simply comparing two different, popular things and then giving your opinion about which is best.