50 Years Old and I’m Going back to School

While I’m not embarrassed by my age, I will say that I’m $39.95 plus shipping and handling… oversea fees apply! (Shh…I’m 50). I’m going back to school! Why do I keep mentioning that age thing? Oh right, I’m trying to wrap my head around it!!

As I’ve mentioned before I have been in my current career of Massage Therapy for around 27 years and I’ve decided it’s time to make some changes.                   Back to School


Because you’re never too old to learn something new and you’re never too old for a new adventure. I’m one of those people who needs to have something to do and I don’t golf. Retirement looms on the horizon regarding the physical aspect of my profession and I need to do something different.

MMO… Make Money Online

What I found most intriguing about this what’s the amount of information on the internet how to make money online. Trying to pick through what was a scam and what was real opportunity was a huge undertaking for me. Fortunately many of the sites that I went to wanted way too much money for me to even consider. They also offered very little information until you pay for their program.

At the time anything free that I found was far too advanced for someone that is as techno challenged as I am. I don’t understand coding, nor did I understand much about websites except for the basics of an easy build site.

I had an existing website that I wanted to put Amazon products on. Seems pretty simple… Oh, Nay Nay! Trying to find where, and how to put the code… became a challenge that was so far out of my ‘wheelhouse’, that I gave up. Until the FREE portion of WA… more on that later.

I literally fell into this. I was wondering around the internet one day, as I often do when I found Wealthy Affiliate.  I decided that for the free trial they were offering it was worth it to give someone shot. So I entered an email account that I have for these investigations. (Truthfully, it’s basically a junk email). This is the email I use when I don’t want to be bothered by incessant sales pitches.

I started the free training, and I did get emails that were sales pitches, but far from useless. These emails were more of encouragement on where to go next in the training, and how to utilize my time better while doing the training.  Wealthy Affiliate


As I continued through the FREE training, I learned more each and every day then I had in the previous three years. (I had signed up for a few cheap courses on Udemy for SEO, how to link affiliate like Amazon, how to build strategies for Internet Marketing. Most of these were way too advanced for me. Techno Challenged remember)?

I came into this thinking that this was also going to be beyond my scope. Boy was I shocked! Within the first two days, I had far more understanding in the ways of the internet than I ever thought was possible.    WA University

One of the other things that attracted me to Wealthy Affiliate was the transparency of the program. There’s no overnight success offered, no Get Rich Quick promises, but that they do offer extensive training to become successful in Online Marketing.

The best part? No hidden fees after signing up! None, zip, zero, nada. Shock and amazement still are a part of my day with this factor!

Things I Would do Differently / Things I am Changing

1. I would wait to sign up with Amazon. MAYBE! You have 180 days to make 3 valid sales, or you will be bounced out of the Affiliate Program. The Good News? You can reapply in 30 days!

I joined Amazon too soon! My website was still in the rough stages, no real structure, not great content… no audience. No Audience= No Sales.

2. Find this Platform sooner!! Or, recognize it in my searches! I can’t believe that I missed it throughout my years of searching! LOL

3. Pace myself better.

4. Time Management needs Improvement!!

My Next Challenge?

I plan on making a VLog of my posts as well… Yikes!

Why would I do this?

Because sometimes listening to a post is easier than reading it!


LapTopRebel   LapTop Rebel… Learn. Earn. Rebel.


I have 1 Question for you:

If you could change 1 thing today, what would it be?

If you have ANY questions or comments, PLEASE leave them in the comment section below!