In my search to be a LapTop Rebel, I have tried a variety of different venues, with little to no training… thus no success. In the following 6 Online Income Opportunities, 3 I have personally been involved with, 3 I researched and found some very interest reviews, and I found 2 added Online Income Opportunities in my search that caused me to laugh, so I wanted to share those with you as well… we all need a chuckle from time to time.


The best way I can describe Wonder is a paid Quora. (Sidebar: I did freelance here a few years ago. It wasn’t for me in the end, a personal decision).

As an Analyst, you are paid to research a topic, provide an answer with references, and links, and then you are paid for your work.

With a pay scale of $16.81- $23.68 per hour for writing, it’s definitely an income earner. But as one analyst reports, with research taking 80% of the time, by the hour pay is less than minimum wage. (Glassdoor / Indeed)

But there are cons. Some analysts are claiming they are not getting paid for their work. This may not be the fault of Wonder, itself, but rather the company may not be being paid by the client.

From a personal perspective, I hold no real negative view of Wonder, even though I left.

Why did I leave?

Unless you are qualified as a Top Analyst, work can be slim picking in pay and subject. After researching, and writing a few articles that were ‘unapproved’, I combed through them to see what the issue was. A Top Analyst, or Researcher, copied and pasted my work, submitted it, and was paid.

Keep in mind this was in 2015, and I do believe this practice has been rectified. What I did like is that it gave me an introduction to the LapTop potential, and where I could go with it. However, I did not have the freedom to write, or research, topics that I was truly interested in.


UpWork is for Freelancers. Many companies are hiring Freelancers, as certain positions don’t necessarily require a full-time/ permanent position.

The reviews for UpWork is not scoring high by Freelancers… former, and current. The main complaint is not getting paid for work done. (Is this a theme)? At $10 per hour for Freelance work, UpWork itself is taking $20% off the top. (Glassdoor / Indeed)

Pro’s to UpWork is that most of it is Freelance and work from a remote location. (LapTop Style)!

Some jobs here include:

· Proofreading

· Editing

· Content Writing

· Web design

· Resumes

· Computer Tech work

· Sales positions

· Language translation

Writer’s Work

Formerly known as Master Writing Jobs.

Master Writing Jobs gained, a less than stellar, reputation within the Freelance Community as a whole. From clients to freelancers, it seemed everyone was miffed at the product and production.

Enter the Writer’s Work. Claiming to pay $20-$65 per hour this may be a great gig… if they hadn’t been found out regarding the previous, now defunct, Master Writing Jobs. (Glassdoor)

What the Freelancing is with Writer’s Work is a pay per month job search. By paying them a monthly fee, you can access their job board, and the rest is up to you. By the way, these jobs are posted, and searchable for free all over the internet (Indeed has many of the same postings listed there, free for your perusal). Writer’s Work just seems to cycle them through, for a fee.

There is some training provided on how to interview a potential client, how to get paid, and such, but if you’re already a Freelancer this is information you already have.


This is where I got a start with Blogging. It was a ‘fun thing’ to do… at first!

Then I realized that I could make money doing this ‘Blogging’ thing!! What a wild idea! And the best part… it’s free!

But because it’s free, there’s no training provided. You have to tough it out on your own, make a name for yourself, get a following, and then promote certain products that are relevant to your topic.

Most of these blogs don’t rank on Google, so exposure is limited. That makes sales limited, thus income is sparse for most.

Online Surveys

You can make a few bucks here, BUT….You have to fall within and certain specific categories:


Income bracket


Kids / No Kids

Aging parents

And so on.

Here’s the kicker. You’ve already filled out 75%+ of the survey, they have your answers, and you answer a question ‘wrong’ (see categories), and you basically get a Thank You and a gold star for participation.

I have yet to see a survey pay-out. I know a few people that have done this, and yes I’m one of them, that actually get to the end, and receive their ‘reward’. (Gift Card, Check, or credits).

Side Bar Story: My mom got involved in Online Surveys. For months, she filled in these things, gold stars surrounded her! For most of the surveys, she was considered ‘too aged’, and had no children at home, so she would get ‘rejected’.

Then came a Seniors Survey… she had this covered!! The pay-out was a $50 (USD) Gift Card!! Last question, 20 minutes later…

Are you considered to have dementia? She answered NO… disqualified! So, in other words, if you have dementia, you would qualify? How does that work?

Play Games

This one is, truthfully, scary. You have to play for hours, on end to get a $20 Gift Card, or game credits!

You have to rack up time and winnings in order to see your ‘reward’… HOURS! Who has this kind of time to play games? For little return? At the cost of data chewing?


In my research for this post, I entered in ways to ‘make money online’, and Craigslist is listed in the top spots here.

Now I’m curious as to how that can be, as, in my humble opinion, isn’t this just a BIG Garage Sale? Sell your old stuff, and make money… wait a minute, that’s called ‘One man’s junk is another man’s treasure’! Or a Garage Sale.

And exactly ‘how are you making money? If you spend $100 dollars on a lamp, sell it 3 years later for $40 isn’t that known as a loss? You’re getting rid of a lamp you no longer want! GARAGE SALE!

garage sale

How did Craiglist make into Online Income?


This popped up as well in the same search.

I’m not sure ‘how’ you make money online with Uber, because near as I can ascertain, it’s a ‘Ride Service’, like a Taxi, just not as well insured.

So you drive people around, from place to place… that’s not working Online. Wonder how that one made the list?

Work online with uber?

Work online with uber?


So there you have it. 8, completely unadulterated ideas for your Online Income ideas…

But surely there must be something better. Something that provides training, support, and Affiliate Marketing strategies.

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