Profiles and interviews allow your readers to become familiar with the essential people in your industry. They also enable readers to learn valuable insights and expert secrets.

What’s the difference between a profile and an interview?

In a profile, you highlight a person without actually interviewing them. This could be an important, established person in your industry, an up-and-comer, or a relatively unknown person.

There should always be a reason why you’re profiling the person:

● Why do you want your readers to know about this person?
● Are they going to disrupt your industry?
● Have they written a series of books that your audience should read?
● Are they pioneering a new way of doing things?

Ensure that it’s clear to your audience why you’re profiling a particular person.

In an interview, you ask questions directly to the person. This allows you to get much more up close and personal with them. It enables you to tap into their expertise and extract the secrets of their success. You can find out what makes them tick, what drives them, and how they’ve achieved what they have.

Before you interview someone, ask yourself, “What would my readers want to know?” Then try to get that information throughout the interview.

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