What is an Evergreen Niche, and how can I make an income from Evergreen?

Evergreen Niche Defined:
An evergreen niche is an industry with everlasting appeal. Sustainable.

7 Examples of Top Evergreen Niches:

1. Money. Everyone wants to make more, save more, and have more to spend. For a large percentage of the world, population, money is freedom.

2. Fitness. Workout programs in-home, as well as the equipment, has grown exponentially over the last 10 years, and is gaining every year! Showing no sign of slowing down this Niche can be very profitable.

3. Diet Plans. People are looking to become healthier, live longer, and avoid health issues related to bad eating.

4. Relationship Advice. Not just for couples anymore! Team Building, for example, has become more prominent in the workplace, and often this includes Relationship Growth/Improvement.

5. Personal Development. Improving self will never go stale.

6. Travel. One of the largest Evergreen Niches there is! With that, though, comes the competition as well. This market is fairly well saturated, and yet there is still room for more!

7. Home Décor. Trends in decorating changes, and keeping our homes up to date, and looking good will always be the drive behind this popular market.

Some would say these Niches are Saturated… but are they? What about Micro Nicheing them, or even making a focal topic or Profession from a Micro Niche?
In each of these, I’ve included which ‘Hot Niches’ these Sub niches would fit best.

Personal Development & Health (Fitness & Diet)
1. Anger Management
2. Mental Health
No one wants to focus on these issues due to the potential negative connotations, and yet these can be Niches all on their own!
From how to use fitness and diet, to Coaching, these are hot topics that are unappreciated by the on-line Marketing world.

3. Asthma and breathing issues are on the rise. From air purifiers, air filters, and duct cleaning, this Sub Niche is in demand, and on the rise!
Health (Fitness & Diet)

4. Pain Management. People want to decrease their pain and drug intake, but how do they accomplish that? Prescription Medication use is on the rise and costly. Decreasing pain and increasing Life Quality is a major goal for over 50% of the population, and yet it remains almost untapped from a serious perspective.

The Big Niche!! MONEY!!!
So many unappreciated Niches here!!

5. How to spend, and how NOT to spend. Where is your dollar put to the best use?
6. How to Save (especially on a limited income).
7. Taxes (again, a subject no one wants to talk about, no one plans for, and every year we still have to deal with it).
8. Budgeting. Simple budgets escape most of us these days. Why is that? Credit, Credit… and more Credit!
9. How to make money. Making money online is becoming bigger every year, so start maximizing your skills today!
10. Employment Skills. It’s amazing how few people understand this. How to be employable is a niche!

How do you earn from these Niches/Sub Niches?

By taking the skills, you already have, and expanding!

Teach OnLine, Blog, Affiliate Market.
You are a Fitness Trainer. Take the skills you already have, and start publishing Videos (for payment), on:
• Proper form
• What exercises can decrease anger
• What helps with back pain
• Shoulder pain
• What foods should be avoided
• What foods should be increased
• What are endorphins, and how does exercise aid in Mental Health
And that’s just the start of the way you can monetize online. Take it to the next level with Affiliate Marketing:
• Find products that you can back on Amazon (or another Market Place) for example.
• Promote them on your website, and make a commission
You now have 2 Passive Income Streams! Just by using the knowledge you already have!
There are the ideas, now the implementation!!

Implementation of your Niche:
1. Build credibility as an expert. Why this is important:

• Gains the trust of your target audience
• Removes doubt from potential customers
• Establish a higher price point for your products or services
• Develop loyal customers

2. Include the reasons behind your interest. Let your audience know your Why! Why is this important to you?

3. Post regularly

4. Add new research items (product, studies, statistics, etc.)

5. Update your progress and goals. By updating you give a personal perspective to your Niche.

I hope this helped you on on Niches!!
Any questions or comments are always welcome!!