An expert roundup is like an interview on steroids. It involves asking a standard question, or set of questions, to a group of experts, and then compiling all their answers into a single, coherent, compelling blog post.

The goal is to gather as much expert advice on a single topic as possible and bring it all together into one location.

For example:

● You could ask email marketing experts about their favorite hack for growing their email list.

● You could ask weight-loss experts what exercises they recommend for losing weight quickly.

● You could ask tax experts what the number one overlooked tax deduction is.

Expert roundups tend to be easier to create than interviewing a single person. Because you’re only asking one (or a few questions), it makes it much easier for the experts to get back to you. They don’t have to answer a massive list of items and can still feel like they’re contributing their expert advice.

Expert roundups have a much greater chance of going viral than formal interviews. Why?

Two reasons:

● First, because it’s in listicle format. Listicles, in general, tend to go viral more often than other types of posts.

● Second, because you’re combining so much value into a single post, you’re tapping into numerous individuals’ expertise, making the post incredibly rich in value for the reader.