=What are the statistics behind Affiliate Marketing? Who is turning to Affiliate Marketing to sell their product, and who is selling them?

Let me start by saying that statistics can be very clinical in tone… so if this post sounds a little boring, I apologize however the numbers are staggering!

Let’s take a look at the Affiliate Statistics, and see what the trends are.

Brand marketing
81%… that’s the statistic of how many brands are Using affiliate marketing As a sales platform.

This gives credence to affiliate marketing, As this form of sales has increased well over 30% in the last few years.

That would be the Affiliate Marketer.

The trend is that 94% of Publishers are using more than one Network for commission income.

Popular Networks



Commission Junction



and of course, we can’t forget Amazon And eBay

Another popular option is to look for a direct connection to the company. (Example Nike).

In 2016-2017, affiliate marketing Represented 20% of all online sales. Increasing by over 10% yearly.

Affiliate Marketing, or Affiliate sales, accounts for $12 billion of the retail market share.

Most Popular Niches
Health and Wellness, Fashion, and Sports are the most common and popular target markets.

There are many untapped markets just waiting to grow! ( Internal Link to Post)

Most affiliate marketers Market 1 to 10 products on their site, while others are marketing well over a hundred products on their site(s).

Suitable for all Ages
The primary age category is 25 to 54 years old. However, one of the recent trends is in the 55 and Beyond age group. Many are looking to supplement their retirement.

A younger group is also coming up in the 15 to 24 category, to supplement income, or for a part-time to full-time income.

The youngest Affiliate Marketer that I know of, is 7 years old… that’s right 7!! He’s a YouTube sensation with his Vlog on toys for kids! Last year he made… MILLIONS!! (I won’t tell you how much as its crazy money)!

35% affiliate marketers are making $20,000 – $75,000 per year. But the Market share is still underrepresented.

Affiliate Marketers do not need formal education, but you will require training.

What training is required?

You will want to learn ( in no particular order):

how to build a website and add content
how to write content
Develop a brand
choose a niche
Learn how to find products
Add links
how to rank in Google
maximize your Google rank
eventually, learn social media and how to use it (I’m still learning this… wish me luck)!
Don’t get discouraged by that ‘shortlist.’ There is so much more, but it is easier than you think!

The Promise
Affiliate marketing will not bring you overnight riches; it takes time and effort. There are few I can make money within the first few months, and the reality is that for most people it will take time.

How long?



A lot of Affiliate Marketing depends on you, the time you put in, and your Niche. You want your Niche to be something you’re passionate about and has monetary potential.

Where to Learn & Cost
Check on my post ‘You, Me, and Affiliate Marketing‘ for the best info.


Can I Earn while Learning?

Yes. With WA, this is a good option.

Do I have to know how to code?


How hard is it to build a website?

Not hard at all. Once you choose your template, adding content becomes more natural. All the hard work is done for you.

What if I get stuck? Is there help available?

Yes. The Community at WA is exceptional. We have thousands (really… Thousands) of coaches, all with unique abilities to help you out! Someone will always be able to help you out!

I will personally help those within my areas of ‘expertise,’ and help find answers for the questions I don’t know the answer too. (I’m Techno Challenged, but I’m learning)! 

Are there any questions that you have that I didn’t answer yet? Just ask me in the section below, and I’ll be happy to answer you!

Thank You, Your LapTop Rebel