Let’s get familiar with common Affiliate Marketing terms. (This is only the beginning)!

The Side Hustle

Not one of my favorites. It reminds me of the Shell Game. You know the one where the guy is on the street with the shells are the cards and flip them around, and you have to find he has a pea under the shell or, in cards the Queen of Hearts? You never really find the right shell or card? But, someone does, generally, this is an ‘associate’ of the person running the game.

shell game

Bait and switch. Shell Game

What exactly does side hustle mean?

A side hustle is a means of making money alongside one’s main form of employment or income.


A ‘side hustle’ according to this definition, is an income supplement or part-time work. It can also apply to the replacement of a full-time income. Even with that definition, it still sounds sketchy to me. When you read about a ‘side hustle,’ please understand that while I may not like the term, working a full-time job and adding a part-time job into that is known as a side hustle as well.

Work from Home

Okay, a few of these are sketchy, and yet a few of them are quite true and Professional.

Many companies and Corporations are now using the ‘work from home contractor’ as it’s a fiscally viable option. The contractor often makes a good income, from home, all while saving the company money by cutting down on overhead expenses.

Top Work from Home Careers

This type of title is overused. Not just by the sketchier sites either. MLM’s often used this one, bait blog post titles, and yet it is used by the legitimate companies and corporations as well.

It scores high in search engines, but to get to the top, it’s all but impossible by using this term.

Bait Titles or Clickbait

These are often known as clickbait. Clickbait is quite common in social media. The basic concept of ‘click bait’ is to create a melodramatic title for an online article to manipulate people into clicking the link and reading the content.

I think there’s a difference between click bait and engaging post title. An engaging post title makes you want to read, and there’s good content regarding the post title. While many will disagree with me about clickbait as the definition changes per user; often, the title has nothing to do with the post. A good example of this is FREE MONEY!! and next thing you know you’re on a casino site.

As I reread this, it sounds like I am not keen on affiliate marketing terms. That’s not true I’m not crazy about the terms mentioned above.

When starting with affiliate marketing and continuing, you want to have engaging terms you want to have a conversation with your audience. You, dear reader, are my audience.

If I haven’t lost you at this point, I consider myself fortunate. Why do I want to have a conversation with someone I don’t know? Because I want to show you what it is I do, I want to tell you a story about what I do with affiliate marketing.

I don’t want to sell you a side Hustle, I want to teach you how to work from home, but I don’t want to employ you, and most of all, I don’t want to ‘click bait’ you. I want you to be familiar with the common terms that I did in my search to find a place to learn what I am currently doing app wealthy affiliate.                                                                                                          Bait

With, I think we have 1.5 million members, however, don’t quote me on that, that some do use some click bait, that is not my intention.


One of my favorite terms. This is where we converse, I tell the story, and maybe something resonates for you, or it makes perfect sense and you, but you want to ask me a question, do you leave a question and I answer it not just in my own words, but hopefully I can help find a link that will aid you in your answer.

I may ask you a question with the hope that you will answer and maybe guide me a little. Maybe you’re not as techno challenged like me and can help me figure out why my one website theme isn’t cooperating with me today… that’s another story, though.

One of the things that I like about being where I’m at with wealthy affiliate is Jaaxy. I can plug-in ideas blog post titles and choose the ones that I like, and score well, but it may not always be as popular as:

‘Side Hustle Work from Home!’



LapTop Rebel                                                                  LapTop Rebel Banner


I don’t know if you noticed something else about my site there’s no flash. I don’t disagree with people who use the Flash; it’s just not who I am. At some point I may get a pop up on this site, but so far not yet! (Lack of Flash is part of my Rebellion)!!

Some things are on my list of things I need to get comfortable with, and that’s the other reason why I like Wealthy Affiliate. I can do what’s in my comfort zone and even break my comfort zone where applicable, but I don’t have to.

One of the things that I’m becoming more comfortable with is the Vlog. I’m planning on doing more of those based on posts I’ve already written, and I may go more direct with the Vlog.

Now I find that I am babbling and have decided to close this post with this:

What terms, or titles, make you uncomfortable when looking for an opportunity like working from home or online?

What are your favorite work from home ideas, or posts about? Blog? Vlog?

Have you thought of a Niche yet?

Leave your answers, or question in the comments section below! Can’t wait to hear from YOU!

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