Any good offer comes with benefits. My offer is to be your Wealthy Affiliate Coach!

I offer to Coach you on your journey to LapTop Rebellion personally. When you become a premium member, you will receive true one on one coaching with me.

What does 1-on-1 Coaching with Me Mean?

Normally I charge $80 per hour for coaching; however, this is my offer to my referrals:

Premium monthly members will receive one live Zoom/ Skype session every 6 months that they are active.

Premium yearly members will receive 1-on-1 sessions every 3 months that they are active.

In the future, these may change to a more group-oriented Coaching.

Because I am techno challenged I will help you find techno answers, this may not be my forte, but I’m willing to learn with you!

My strengths are:

Listening to your business concerns and ideas and helping you reach goals.

Brainstorming ideas around  Website & Business names, logos, and content

Niche marketing

Personal coaching if needed

The Big Catch

I am on Mountain Standard Time, so scheduling may become tricky, but I’m willing to adapt if you are.

If we have to do coaching in another manner other than Zoom or Skype, together we will find an answer.

I am willing to put adjust my schedule if you are willing to adjust yours! All sessions will be recorded, and you will receive a copy. I will not publish publicly any of our sessions anywhere, whether it be on my website or YouTube. Your privacy is my main concern…  next to help you out, of course.

Thank you and welcome aboard the Laptop Rebel Lifestyle!

Shaunna   Shaunna

The LapTop Rebel