Blogging was supposed to be easy, right? Just sit down, crack your knuckles, and bang out a blog post. Write about whatever is on your heart and mind. And do it again and again.

“It’ll be easy,” they said. “You’ll have no problems,” they said.

Except that it turns out that blogging isn’t easy.

The writing part itself is undoubtedly challenging. Stringing together sentences in a compelling, coherent manner requires thought and effort. But that’s not the only hard part.

One of the hardest parts of blogging is knowing what to blog about.

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Especially when you’re trying to use your blog to build your brand and your business, when you’re using your blog as a brand-building tool, you can’t just write about what happened on a particular day. Your blog does not serve as a personal journal.

Instead, you want to write about things that will matter and add value to your readers. This is where things get tricky.

Continually coming up with new topics and angles to blog about that will add value to your readers is no small feat. It requires creativity, insight into your audience, and the ability to create new content day after day.

It’s enough to cause even the smartest blogger to burn out.

I’m here to help make your job easier.

By following these formulas, you’re sure to delight your readers and quickly build an audience of raving fans.

4 Core Markets

The formulas are:

How-to guides
News and current events
Case studies
Profiles and interviews
The expert roundup
Reviews and comparisons
Resource roundups
Quote roundups
Behind the scenes / a day in the life
Data-backed posts
Inspirational stories
Frequently asked questions
Top takeaways
Beginner’s guides

Now there’s nothing to hold you back from blogging! You have the formulas you need to write killer, compelling, clickable blog posts. Don’t wait any longer to begin blogging. Start today!