for Becoming a Rebel

Every Laptop Rebel needs certain tools,  let’s take a look at it the necessities that you will need to be a true Rebel.

A lot of these tools are free, with some having a pro upgrade that you may or may not need.

Google Voice to Text or Dictation for Mac

As I am unfamiliar with Dictation for Mac, I’m going to assume, but it’s fairly similar for Google Voice to Text.

Google Voice to Text is found in Google Docs, and best of all, it’s free! I find it fairly responsive and have been quite happy with it. It speeds up the process for the ugly first draft for any writing or blogging. Quite frankly, I love it!  ( I love it because I’m not a fast on the keyboard, so I find this saves me a lot of time with content creation).

(In time I do plan on upgrading to Dragon Naturally.  Dragon Naturally is better with voice recognition and has a much better platform because it was designed for a very specific niche originally. The original niche was for visually-impaired, but it has now become very popular with writers of every genre because of its responsiveness).

If anyone has an opinion regarding Dictation for Mac, PLEASE share it in the comment section below! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

Website and Domains

Guess what?!

If you want to be an affiliate marketer you’re going to need a website! There are numerous free options out there for a free website, but are they going to give you what you need?

Often Limited in space and design, many of the free options are great to start with it won’t take you that extra step that you’re going to need sooner rather than later.  Limited in function, this will slow you down.

Wealthy Affiliate offers free websites known as siterubix. These are only as limited as your imagination.  Siterubix also gets indexed on Google and Bing as well as a dot com.

Yes, you can find a great deal on other platforms, example for  $4.99 for a website domain, but they don’t tell you what’s not included in the cost will add up. ( example: I paid  $4.99 for a domain, and ended up spending another $150 for SSL certificate,  mail, and extra space).


The free version sold me! This version includes spell check and punctuation. After using it for several weeks, I decided to upgrade and have never looked back.

Simple to use with so many options from business writing too casual writing it gives you a more professional touch.

Editing documents is faster and more professional. 

While the free version will carry you for the first part of your online Rebel career, I  highly recommend going with the pro version at some point down the road.

 Grammarly Review


Canva free is fairly extensive. you can design just about everything you need from logos to banners to use on your websites.

The upgrade to  Pro Of $119.40 yearly, may or may not be worth it in the end for most affiliate marketers.

Why would I say this? The pro version allows you to: 

  • Control a Brand Kit
  • Resize designs (Which you can do with your editor for free)
  • Animated Graphics
  • Share folders and Templates
  • Export Designs 

Canva Pro may be worth it for larger corporations, but for the individual, not necessary. With Pro, you will still have to pay the $1 (or more) for certain images and backgrounds.

 I do recommend Canva free version, canva Pro… maybe at some point but not right away. When I get a chance to check the 30 Free Trial of Pro, I will do a review of it an let you know what I think).


Let’s face it, very few of us know the HOW working Online works, so training is needed!

With the 50 hours FREE from Wealthy Affiliate, you get a quality starting point. In those 50 hrs, I received more knowledge than I had in my 3 years of searching… worth my time.

Check out the Free training… if you’re not impressed… I’ll eat a donut! LOL

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