“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail,” Benjamin Franklin.

One of the most significant reasons to start an online business is, it is easy to do. But that ease often comes with the price of not making a plan of how you will make it work. The dynamics of online businesses are smooth. The execution is what throws a lot of people off.

Trying to make it without a plan is, at best, an uphill battle. You don’t have to have an elaborate business plan. Keep it simple by specifying the type of people you are targeting (your ideal customer) and what kinds of products you are going to offer. Come up with a list of social media platforms that would fit with what you are trying to sell.

Determine what kind of marketing channels you are going to implement. It may be content creation for your website, videos, instructional material, etc. Don’t rule out traditional offline methods like direct mail and flyers. These still work better than most people realize. Whatever means you choose, make sure you track your efforts. If you don’t know where your sales are coming from, you won’t be able to increase spending on those methods. And you will also be spending too much money on channels that are not as effective.

Another common problem when it comes to planning is not knowing what you need to do to become successful in your online business. When you first start, you won’t have enough experience to determine the best path to execute. If this is the case, find a qualified program or mentor to get you on track. You can choose to use this just long enough to come up with a plan, or you can continue so that you learn the appropriate methods and techniques to help you. One of the biggest problems when seeking out help from others is whether or not they indeed are qualified to give that help. Ask for some proof of what they have accomplished. If you get any feeling that they are not who they say they are, don’t be afraid to move on. It’s your money, and you don’t want them jeopardizing your chances of success due to a lack of experience.

When you come up with the right plan for your online business, you will increase your chances of making it work. It still will take a lot of effort, but the journey should be much quicker than trying to make it without a plan.

It’s your time and your money. Take the time to make a plan to Earn, Learn, and Rebel!