Niches within a Niche

When first starting off with affiliate marketing or online blogging, one gets caught up in Niche. Remember my post Niche, Keywords and Jaaxy? I described a niche as relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.

How do you Choose a Niche?

A niche is something that you are an expert on or something you are passionate about learning. Choosing a niche is probably the hardest part of becoming a Laptop Rebel. You either have to know your topic and be willing to research it further and come up with how to market it, and blog about it, and find affiliate programs that are consistent within your content.

You can also pick a niche topic that you were unfamiliar with but would like to learn more about. If you are unfamiliar with your topic, as you are ‘talking’ to your audience, you are teaching them as you learn. Through your research and discoveries, not only are you learning but you were teaching others to learn with you.

You can also have niches within a niche. Let’s take my Massage Therapy site. With this site I have the following niches:

  • Products
  • Tables
  • Education
  • Business

And so on. These niches can be broken down, yet again, should I choose to do so. For example, Tables. Massage Tables can be portable or hydraulic. Add certain features, or bells and whistles if you will, and you can have a ‘Price Range Niche’ for both.

Once you find your niche market, you can easily break it down into separate niches. Take your top 12, supposed hot niche markets from (insert link here).

I have chosen 5 of the Hot Niche Markets, to show you how you can ‘Niche within a Niche:


  • Rings. This can be broken down yet again, to:
  • Engagement
  • Wedding
  • Anniversary
  • Mother’s Day
  • Family
  • and even Symbolic meaning.
  • Bracelet’s, Necklaces, Watches… this list never ends!! Then you can break each of these done as I did with Rings… can you see the power of this technique?


Another hot one!

  • Women’s, kids, men’s, teen
  • Shirts & t-shirts
  • Dress wear
  • Formal wear
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Lingerie…

The niches are unlimited!

Tech and Tech Gear:

As I already have niches, I do not have Tech niche, but I read about it. If I find something tech-related, for example, a massage billing program, I would promote it. However, promoting Tech as a separate niche is not my forte.

I like Tech stuff… Tech Gear is not my ‘thing’. I just don’t understand it. This is a huge, huge market, for many people. For me, to breakdown, the categories will make many people laugh too hard, so for those of you who do understand Tech, let me know in the comments section how this can be broken down! (PLEASE).

Alternative Medicine

  • Everything from yoga to Medicinal products is in here. From CBD to massage around to vitamins and supplements.

Fitness and Health

  • Can be along the same lines as alternative Medical, as many of the products do overlap.

Both of these topics have a wide ranges of Niches:

  • Supplements
  • Vitamins
  • Eating Habits / Diet
  • Energy Healing Work
  • Cooking
  • Exercise Programs

Oh my! And yet again, the ‘breakaways’ are endless!

This is just an example of how to niche a niche. A niche is never too large or too small. A niche can grow, and it can be broken down into segments.

I can hear the wheels turning!! But Shaunna… how do I find a Niche within a Niche? Oh, my dear, there is a simple answer!

Finding Niches within a Niche

Brainstorm your Niche. Where do you want to go with it? What is your purpose? What do you want people to know?

Break your Niche down as I did with jewelry and clothing. (I will admit, I took these topics as ‘an easy way out’, because they’re simple to breakdown into ‘sub-categories’, and everyone is familiar with these two topics).

See, being a Laptop Rebel can be easy!

Give your Niche a hug today!!

Have an Awesome Day,