17. Beginner’s Guides

These posts are “how-to” posts but explicitly geared toward beginners. They teach newbies in your industry valuable insights and skills that they
need to learn anyway.

Examples of this type of post include:

● A Beginner’s Guide To Lead Generation
● A Newbie’s Guide To Running A Marathon
● A Beginner’s Guide To Email Marketing
● A Beginner’s Guide To Social Media

Consider these important items when writing these guides:

1. Make your guide in-depth but not overly technical. You want to cover the subject thoroughly without overwhelming the beginner with a lot of technical terms or industry jargon. Try to keep the posts straightforward, to the point, and relatively easy to understand.

2. Use a variety of media, like screenshots and videos, to clarify your points. Remember, you’re writing to beginners, and people learn in a variety of ways. Some are more visual learners, while others learn better from the text. Try to cater to all types of learners in your posts.

When done well, beginner’s guides can be an incredibly valuable resource to those just getting started in your industry. They can also establish you as an expert in your industry – someone that beginners can look to for advice.

In some ways, these beginner’s guides allow you to mentor newbies from a distance, which can be incredibly rewarding.

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