Top 10 Best Practices for SEO Success


You can do plenty of things to get higher search engine rankings, from page optimization on your website to keyword research, building backlinks, and more. Even though the search engine algorithms that determine rankings change often, there are still tried and true SEO methods proven to help you rise higher in the rankings throughout these changes. Here are the Top 10 best practices for SEO success:

1. Ensure that your website is secure.

Most people today are concerned with the privacy and security of the websites that they visit. Consequently, this is also a crucial ranking factor in search engines. A secure website will consistently rank higher than one that isn’t secure.

Talk with your web host or web manager about the type of security that is most appropriate for your website. A security certificate will ensure that your content is delivered by SSL (secure socket layer). With SSL, your website will start with an “https://” instead of “http://,” and the little lock icon will show up next to the web address in many browsers.

2. Add your primary keyword early into the content.

Including your keyword early on lets the search engines know what your content is about.

Additionally, sprinkle the main keyword throughout the rest of your content too. This will tell the search engines that this term is essential, which will help you rank well for this term.

3. Use unique titles, descriptions, and content.

This lets the search engines know that your content is original material and can add further knowledge to the other information that can already be found on the internet about your topic.

4. Optimize your title tag for SEO.

Always include your main keyword in the title tag for your website, and if possible, put it at the start of the title. This will give priority to your keyword.

5. Ensure that your website loads quickly.

It would be best if you made your website load as quickly as possible. Especially with the advent of smartphones, loading time is an essential ranking factor in search engines.

Compress the size of images, remove any unneeded code, and consider using a content delivery network (CDN). If you use a CDN, your website will serve images and other media from servers that are close to your audience, thus cutting down on the loading time. Many web hosts now use CDNs to deliver content for their clients’ websites.

Talk with your web host or your web manager about this priority. If you have a WordPress site, many plugins help you speed up the loading time for your website.

6. Optimize any images.

You can do this by giving the filenames descriptive names. Using image alt text is also recommended so that the search engines can understand what images are present on your website. Properly optimized images can boost your website rank.

7. Use internal linking.

The key here is to link to your main pages. So, any smaller pages can link to a larger, authoritative piece. This will help to increase the rank of the more important page.

Try to use the main keyword, or a variation of it, in your internal links to ensure that the search engines know what the page is about.

8.Create amazing content.

Write high-quality content that answers questions that your readers might have about your topic. If you can answer a question in less than 1,000 words, that is fine. However, it’s worth noting that it’s essential to be thorough with any answer, so you may want to write considerably more than this amount. Many of the highest-ranking pages include longer, authoritative content.

9.Build backlinks to your website.

Despite what you may have read online that backlinks are no longer necessary, please note that backlinks, when done correctly, are still vital. They show the search engines that your content is valuable enough for other web admins to link to. When you first start your website, you may want to go slow when building backlinks.

After a few months, you’ll be able to ramp up your efforts. With this strategy, you want to obtain links from other important websites in this field. Links from low-quality websites that accept advertising from anyone to any website are likely to hurt your search engine rankings.

10. Look at the user experience.

If you find that visitors are struggling to navigate your website or have a high bounce rate, when people leave your website after just a short time, take a close look at your user experience. Perhaps your visitors aren’t finding the answers they’re looking for, or maybe your website is broken somehow. See what you can do to improve the overall experience of your visitors.

Following these Top 10 SEO best practices will enable you to achieve higher rankings in the search engines. The higher you rank, the more traffic you should be able to achieve, and ultimately the more sales you will make.

You, Me, and Affiliate Marketing A Review of Wealthy Affiliate

You, Me, and Affiliate Marketing A Review of Wealthy Affiliate

A Review of Wealthy Affiliate

In my search for making money online, or through blogging. I ran into a few walls. I was a beginner, and I couldn’t find anything that fell into the ‘how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners’ category… until I found Wealthy Affiliate.

What Makes Wealthy Affiliate Different?

Kyle and Carson are the Founders of WA. I have found them to be the ‘open book’ type guys. They’re upfront and honest.

You can remain a Starter Member for as long as you want, but you will lose one or two features after the first 7 days. (Chat, and community forum participation, etc.).

You can still access the Free Training, which packs tons of information in that you will need to be successful, and you get 1 free Website.

To Go Premium or Not?

You decide. With Premium, you have access to 10 Websites (Free)! All in! I’ve paid upwards of $500 elsewhere for the same features… True Story! (And yep, I’m a tad choked about it)!

Added Training

It never stops at WA!! There’s Training for just about everything Web-related!! From how to Build a Website, E-Commerce, Social Media, maximize your site, and beyond!!

Wealthy Affiliate will show you how, where, and what you need. You just have to bring your willingness to learn!

You will not:

1. Make huge money overnight

You will:

1. Need to want to learn

2. Need to Invest your time

The WA Promise? To give you the Training, tools, and support needed to become an Online Presence.




Other Affiliate Sites

In my reviews here, I will not mention the ‘other’ names or websites. I will tell you the tactics I saw, the small print, and what I didn’t like, but not their names and sites. You may be asking why.

The answer… that’s just not who I am. It’s not my style. You will find negative reviews on every Affiliate or Online Marketing promotion you can find. Remember, they are trying to promote their own training program, just as Wealthy Affiliate does as well.

Site 1

Here’s training that ‘claims’ to be worth OVER $10,000.00, but you can get in for $97.00 today, and today only! But Wait, don’t go… We are offering this to only a few people today for $27.00!! Congratulations!!

I download the free w book of Top 12 Niches for 2019… these are, have been, and will be the Top Niches forever! Nothing new here.

What the heck, I’ll save you the download time (no particular order):

1. Health

2. Fitness

3. Self-help

4. Illness and Cure

5. Enhancement Products (generally a dangerous category)

6. Internet Marketing

7. Grow a Business

8. Adult Content or Dating Sites

9. Money

10. Protection of Assets

11. Make Money

12. Investing

13. Cryptocurrency….. (That’s a bonus one for you).

It’s no Secret that many of these are on the top, and will stay there. OK, so there you have it… let’s go back to the ‘offer’.

If you act on the $27 offer you get in. Otherwise, it’s $97. Sounds good so far. Then, as you read the excited reviews, and success, you find that people are PAYING $5000.00 a month (investment on potential Profit)!!

So I ask, what if it doesn’t work? What if I pay my Investment money of $X thousand, and no return?

And what are they paying for? You have to join to find out. That means, pay, proceed, and maybe earn.

Site 2

Open an Online Store. This has potential. The problem? Very little support and training provided in your monthly fee. You have to pay extra for that.

The product can take forever to be shipped, and often runs out quickly.

While they can be successful, you do need to know how before committing to it.

How do I know this? I had 2 Online Stores. Both were hot niches, I had traffic, I was making sales… then it happened. No product delivered. I was forced to refund the money and lost money in this venture. I did gain a learning experience!!

Site 3

Pay $X and receive $5000 in your first month!! There’s no explanation of how you make the income, just invest your money, and you will make HUGE returns. You have to pay the amount they ask for before finding out how to make the return. I ‘fell’ for it, and scheduled a call. The mere ‘investment’? $12K… yep $12,000 for them to teach me how to do Online Marketing. You can potentially make your ‘investment’ back in 3 to 6 months, was the closing argument.

These are generally Ponzi style or Pyramid. The only people making money are at the top.

Site 4 

I really want to tell you who these guys are, but darn it! It would ruin my ‘personal rules’ for this post!

This site is full of negative reviews about other programs, especially Wealthy Affiliate. The hook? He was a member!! That’s his pitch!

I watched his video, and I will quote some of his drivel:

“My clients have to pay me month after month, or I will sell their leads to a competitor”.

“My clients cannot fire me, because if they do, I will sell their information.”

“Create false locations for clients.”

“After everything is set, I can ignore the client, and move to a new client.”

There is no information on what his training costs. You have to schedule a recruiting call to even get in the door. That sends up red flags for me now.

I am now done my RANT…back to my original thoughts on:

LapTop Rebel

LapTop Rebel

Wealthy Affiliate

I signed up to the free training with little hope, but I had the time, so I figured… why not? What’s the absolute worst that can happen? I waste my time… again!

 Amazed! Oh my, yes indeed! And we’re not talking 10 minute sound bites… it’s full of training! More than enough to get started!!

I had a better understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Keywords, and Google Ranking than I ever had hoped I could get!

I was SOLD. I paid for a ‘Special Month’ offer of $19 to access everything the platform offered, and I will be honest… MIND BLOWN!!

Here’s what the Banner ad doesn’t tell you:

The Community & Coaching

From younger to older, we are a community. The help that we give, and receive, throughout, is nothing short of phenomenal! You have a question, there will be an answer!!

You will have me as your coach, as well as everyone else on the platform! And this includes Kyle, Carson, and Jay!! That’s over, at last count…100,000+ Coaches! I’m not kidding… we help each other out on a daily basis!

Weekly Webinars

Every Friday Night at 6 PM Mountain Standard Time, there is a Live Event known as WAbinars. These are recorded, and in the ‘Library of Knowledge’ (That’s my personal term for it). This is where Jay, our Live Trainer, teaches us the ways of the internet, Google, Bing, online marketing, and building websites… plus so much more!!

And So Much More (But No Free Steak Knives)!

There is so much more! I feel as if I’m doing a disservice, to you dear reader, in that I cannot make a full list. (That is NOT meant as ‘Click-Bait’… it’s just the truth of it).

Time Investment

Earlier I mentioned a Time Investment. This is a flexible idea. Some people spend 3-4 hours a week on WA, for others, it’s a full-time gig.

In my case, I am self-employed, and when I’m not working on clients, I’m usually in Wealthy Affiliate creating, researching, building, and working.

Making Money with WA

Your next question is pretty obvious now. Am I making money? I joined WA in July 2018, so 9 months ago by this post date. The answer to your question… NO, I’m not. (Keep Reading)…

This was a personal choice on my end. I wanted to learn as much as I could BEFORE I started to promote niche products, Affiliate Marketing, and I have been working tirelessly on a project on my original niche site.

That was my choice to not dive into the money aspect and earnings. People are making part-time/ extra income, full-time income, and beyond.

I could go into great detail on who has made what within the Community here, but seriously, until you try it, see it, and meet these people, why would you believe something you read here?

That would be me being ‘that person’ in the mentioned Site Scenarios that I listed. I would be promising you the Sun, Moon, and Stars, just because I can type it… or video it.

Thank You for your time in reading this! Feel free to ask questions, in the comments section below, or check out the WA Free Training and decide from there!






Worth It or Not? Reviews

Worth It or Not Reviews

Not too long ago I did a review of Wealthy Affiliate and other Affiliate Marketing companies, that I did not name, in Worth it or Not Reviews I’m going to change my tactic a bit.

In these reviews I will name the company, post a link, I’ll let you know whether I think it’s worth it or not!

Legit Online Jobs

This company claims a legit secret system for generating income online. For $34.95 investment, it looks as if you can make a great living in the online world overnight. Claiming that a single unemployed dad is now making over $9,000 a month.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? The problem? Upsell upsell upsell! There’s not a lot of description of how, or what, their methods are in teaching you how to create an online business. Nor can I find out if this is the initial investment the total investment or a monthly investment. To find this out, you have to commit the original $34.95.

Humble opinion? Not worth it. Too much risk even for $34.95

Hidden Business Letter Ideas

No cost quoted for this service, And it seems to be a monthly newsletter money-making ideas, most of which seems fairly obvious.

Not much information available on the website, except for vague ramblings.

Opinion? Not worth the risk. No information, no cost quoted, and no idea of what you’re receiving.

Wealth Trigger 360

Featuring Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Steve Jones, this program offers to change your mindset to be abundance thinking and millionaire thinking using a seven-step protocol to change the way you think. $53.49… not sure if this is a one time fee, a monthly fee, or a yearly fee.                                                                          Dr. Vitale & Dr. Jones

I’m willing to give you seven steps to change the way you think for free:

1. Change your mindset

2. Take action

3. Rid yourself of negative thinking

4. Focus on positive

5. Avoid procrastination ( see Step 2… also if one avoids procrastination is that not a form of procrastination in itself)? Something to ponder …

6. Believe in yourself

7. Believe in your dream

As I am a Life Coach and Business Coach, I can tell you that this is a pretty common protocol. You can change the wording, and you can change the order, you can add steps, or take steps away, the rule of thumb is that a step protocol is based on your client and clients needs.

That is the Secret Seven-Step Protocol!

Way back in the day I was a big fan of doctor Joe; slowly, I have been changing my mind. But I will save that criticism for another day and stick to the facts.

Along with Dr.Vitale’s:                                     Dr. Vitale

30 Day Intention Activator

For $19.98 You will be given a workbook and a guide book, along with inspirational music to aid you in your journey. The intention is to become clear and intuitive as to what you want and how to counteract the counter-intuitive thoughts that you may have.

Law of Attraction

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last what is it 10 years or more and have never heard of the law of attraction, this might be for you. But I will tell you that so you can find a lot of the information for free out there now.

This offer claims to be a “clearing audio’ to help clear your mind to attract anything and everything you want just by listening.

Awakened Millionaire Academy

At $47 lifetime access, because, in the past, I was a big fan of Dr.Vitale, I’m kind of tempted.

The pitch is that it will give you, and I quote, “15 Triggers to Achieve the Impossible”. Unlimited Financial Freedom and Spiritual Awakening. (Okay, I was tempted… after watching the video, I’ve decided it’s not for me).

Secret Mirror

Law of Attraction, Money Beyond Belief, and Awakened Millionaire Academy, using a different name. I have found that a lot of Dr.Vitale’s lessons are the same just under different names with different words, that is to attract you depending on what resonates.

Quite frankly, I find it intuitive and how he does this. If Law of Attraction doesn’t attract you, the Millionaire Academy might, and if that doesn’t attract you, Secret Mirror or one of his other programs will.

Including the one below money beyond belief. Millionaire Academy under a different name.

Money Beyond Belief

And Dr. Jones’ offerings:                           Dr. Jones

Life Coach Certification

Business Coaching Certification

Past Life Hypnosis Certification

Public Speaking Certification

I’m going to go out on a limb and keep Doctor Jones is offering short, as I see a recurring theme. It seems he can certify you and just about anything you choose relatively inexpensively all things considered.

I cannot attest to his courses, but I can tell you that my life coaching in business coaching, cost quite a bit more than his offer. If you are considering Life Coaching, and, or Business Coaching, I would be cautious as to his claims to be able actually to certify you.

Final word and opinion on Wealth Trigger 360

You can bet that the up sells will be endless during your time on this program.

Opinion… intriguing, but not worth it.

My feeling is that this is all the same stuff regurgitated and charged for in separate categories.

If all goes according to plan, my next post will be covering some of my favorite ideas and offerings I have found so far. Not all of it is about making money online but what you can learn online as well, and that’s what I’m going to cover next!

Have an Awesome Day!

I do have a question. What is your opinion on the Law of Attraction? I believe in it, but I also believe that for the Law of Attraction to work, you have to work to attract… what do you think?

Do you have a TRUE Business idea? What is it? When do you Launch, or Open? Let’s chat about it!