Truth, Lies, and Video of Online Income

Truth, Lies, and Video of Online Income

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What are the Truth, Lies, and Video of online income? Can I make money? I say… Yes, you can!!

Truth Defined: verified facts of an event or acceptance

Lie Defined: Recline, relax, and lie back


To falsify the truth

Video Defined: the recording, reproducing, or broadcasting of moving visual images



You can make money online. People are doing it everywhere!

The truth… it takes time. How long? That depends on you, your content, and your niche.

Look at it this way:

I built a ‘physical’, or ‘brick and mortar’ business, from the ground up. This took years to establish! (It also took years to tear down).


Year One to Year Three

Pounding the pavement, with business cards in hand, I networked. Giving, and leaving my business card to anyone who would take it.

Meeting with Chiropractors, Doctors, Physical Therapists, and many other medical Professionals, telling them what I did, what my mission was, how I could aid their patients, and what my treatment goals were for each individual.

Marketing the cheapest was possible. Way, way, back in the day that was the Phone Book. (These were books that held phone numbers and addresses of people and businesses that were in certain areas). Relics of the past, and yet the best tool of the time!

Marketing today is as simple as a Website, it can be a ‘local’ site, or as broad as the World for reach.

Growth was a slow process. Building daily. One Client here, one there. Always building…. The two clients, and three…. Until I reached five clients per day, 5-6 days a week!

It took 3 years to get to 30 clients a week. By year four I was booking 3 to 6 weeks in advance, depending on time of day (evenings & Saturdays were 6 weeks in advance, weekdays were 3-4 weeks).

Building Brick and Mortar

Building Brick and Mortar

Years Four to Ten

This is when I decided to open my own Health Spa. At the start I had three Therapists, by year 6, I had to expand. Now I had 8 Therapists, and everyone had the potential to succeed. And yet, not all did. Why? The ‘business’ was going strong, we had clients, and more than enough to ‘go around’ as it were.


The Lie

Everyone will succeed because of your work. Not so.

I had Therapists that were hardly ever at the Spa. They just didn’t want to work. They wanted to be paid, but not to work… I think that’s what is now being called New Math. (Correct me if I’m wrong on that).

Relying on my advertising, my networking, and my overflow, there were some that didn’t put in their own ‘blood, sweat, and tears’ to build themselves a loyal clientele.

How does this apply to Online Income?

Great question!!! Glad you asked!


The Truth and Lies of Online Income

It takes time, commitment, blood, sweat, and a few tears. If there’s a promise of immediate success with NO commitment, chances are, the truth has been falsified.

Online Income is possible if you have the drive to work at it. You have to make the time, to research, write, create, and build… from there, anything is possible.


How Long Will it Take?

Another great question!

My first answer is… nothing happens overnight. If you’re expecting immediate success, walk away now. Online Entrepreneurship is not going to work for you.

As with anything, it depends. There are some who can make a good income within 6 months, at 4-10 hours a week, because they hit the right niche, at the right time.

As I mentioned in You, Me, and Affiliate Marketing post, while these niches are hot, they are very competitive. If you have a ‘Health Site’, though, you can niche it down. In other words a niche within a niche. (In truth, every niche, has so many ‘sub niches’ that you can have content forever)!

You just have to STAND OUT a bit further than the ‘competition’. What do you offer that the others don’t?


The Next Big Thing?

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

You guessed it…. VIDEO!!

Video is becoming the fastest growing form of Online Income. (I’m working on it…).

The youngest YouTube Sensation is 6 years old… he made $11 Million in 2018! That’s NOT a typo… $11 Million!

How? He does toy reviews for kids, and gets paid to do it! (I’m thinking of ‘employing’ my Grandchild)!

I’m not telling you that you will make $11 Million this year, I’m telling you that anything is possible.

Video Marketing is now, statistically, 80% of the online marketplace. Most people remember video’s that they’ve seen, as opposed to what they read. (Hello YouTube)!!


Online Income Simplified

There is money to be made online, just don’t expect it to happen overnight. It could take a few months, or over a year to build your brand, your niche, and your site. So I encourage patience when you take this on.

Don’t get caught up in the big promises that some Marketing Sites make. I don’t want to be a ‘naysayer’ here, but, remember, “If it sounds too good to be true… it probably is.”

Investigate what Internet Companies are offering. Investing large sums of money, doesn’t always mean big payouts, and if there is little to no effort required from you… chances are it’s a ‘scam’.

If there’s an offer of Free Training… check it out! Free Training is just an investment of your time, nothing else.

A free download? Sure, why not, but be aware of phishing, hackers, and viruses. Not all downloads are bad, not all are good. (Advice here… check them out on YouTube first).

In order to succeed at anything, you need to invest time and effort, there are no shortcuts. But we can make it easier!


Check out our  Free Training, and see just how well we stand out!

Please, feel free to ask any questions, or leave any comments you have in the box below!

Have an AWESOME day!

LapTop Rebel


You, Me, and Affiliate Marketing A Review of Wealthy Affiliate

You, Me, and Affiliate Marketing A Review of Wealthy Affiliate

A Review of Wealthy Affiliate

In my search for making money online, or through blogging. I ran into a few walls. I was a beginner, and I couldn’t find anything that fell into the ‘how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners’ category… until I found Wealthy Affiliate.

What Makes Wealthy Affiliate Different?

Kyle and Carson are the Founders of WA. I have found them to be the ‘open book’ type guys. They’re upfront and honest.

You can remain a Starter Member for as long as you want, but you will lose one or two features after the first 7 days. (Chat, and community forum participation, etc.).

You can still access the Free Training, which packs tons of information in that you will need to be successful, and you get 1 free Website.

To Go Premium or Not?

You decide. With Premium, you have access to 10 Websites (Free)! All in! I’ve paid upwards of $500 elsewhere for the same features… True Story! (And yep, I’m a tad choked about it)!

Added Training

It never stops at WA!! There’s Training for just about everything Web-related!! From how to Build a Website, E-Commerce, Social Media, maximize your site, and beyond!!

Wealthy Affiliate will show you how, where, and what you need. You just have to bring your willingness to learn!

You will not:

1. Make huge money overnight

You will:

1. Need to want to learn

2. Need to Invest your time

The WA Promise? To give you the Training, tools, and support needed to become an Online Presence.




Other Affiliate Sites

In my reviews here, I will not mention the ‘other’ names or websites. I will tell you the tactics I saw, the small print, and what I didn’t like, but not their names and sites. You may be asking why.

The answer… that’s just not who I am. It’s not my style. You will find negative reviews on every Affiliate or Online Marketing promotion you can find. Remember, they are trying to promote their own training program, just as Wealthy Affiliate does as well.

Site 1

Here’s training that ‘claims’ to be worth OVER $10,000.00, but you can get in for $97.00 today, and today only! But Wait, don’t go… We are offering this to only a few people today for $27.00!! Congratulations!!

I download the free w book of Top 12 Niches for 2019… these are, have been, and will be the Top Niches forever! Nothing new here.

What the heck, I’ll save you the download time (no particular order):

1. Health

2. Fitness

3. Self-help

4. Illness and Cure

5. Enhancement Products (generally a dangerous category)

6. Internet Marketing

7. Grow a Business

8. Adult Content or Dating Sites

9. Money

10. Protection of Assets

11. Make Money

12. Investing

13. Cryptocurrency….. (That’s a bonus one for you).

It’s no Secret that many of these are on the top, and will stay there. OK, so there you have it… let’s go back to the ‘offer’.

If you act on the $27 offer you get in. Otherwise, it’s $97. Sounds good so far. Then, as you read the excited reviews, and success, you find that people are PAYING $5000.00 a month (investment on potential Profit)!!

So I ask, what if it doesn’t work? What if I pay my Investment money of $X thousand, and no return?

And what are they paying for? You have to join to find out. That means, pay, proceed, and maybe earn.

Site 2

Open an Online Store. This has potential. The problem? Very little support and training provided in your monthly fee. You have to pay extra for that.

The product can take forever to be shipped, and often runs out quickly.

While they can be successful, you do need to know how before committing to it.

How do I know this? I had 2 Online Stores. Both were hot niches, I had traffic, I was making sales… then it happened. No product delivered. I was forced to refund the money and lost money in this venture. I did gain a learning experience!!

Site 3

Pay $X and receive $5000 in your first month!! There’s no explanation of how you make the income, just invest your money, and you will make HUGE returns. You have to pay the amount they ask for before finding out how to make the return. I ‘fell’ for it, and scheduled a call. The mere ‘investment’? $12K… yep $12,000 for them to teach me how to do Online Marketing. You can potentially make your ‘investment’ back in 3 to 6 months, was the closing argument.

These are generally Ponzi style or Pyramid. The only people making money are at the top.

Site 4 

I really want to tell you who these guys are, but darn it! It would ruin my ‘personal rules’ for this post!

This site is full of negative reviews about other programs, especially Wealthy Affiliate. The hook? He was a member!! That’s his pitch!

I watched his video, and I will quote some of his drivel:

“My clients have to pay me month after month, or I will sell their leads to a competitor”.

“My clients cannot fire me, because if they do, I will sell their information.”

“Create false locations for clients.”

“After everything is set, I can ignore the client, and move to a new client.”

There is no information on what his training costs. You have to schedule a recruiting call to even get in the door. That sends up red flags for me now.

I am now done my RANT…back to my original thoughts on:

LapTop Rebel

LapTop Rebel

Wealthy Affiliate

I signed up to the free training with little hope, but I had the time, so I figured… why not? What’s the absolute worst that can happen? I waste my time… again!

 Amazed! Oh my, yes indeed! And we’re not talking 10 minute sound bites… it’s full of training! More than enough to get started!!

I had a better understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Keywords, and Google Ranking than I ever had hoped I could get!

I was SOLD. I paid for a ‘Special Month’ offer of $19 to access everything the platform offered, and I will be honest… MIND BLOWN!!

Here’s what the Banner ad doesn’t tell you:

The Community & Coaching

From younger to older, we are a community. The help that we give, and receive, throughout, is nothing short of phenomenal! You have a question, there will be an answer!!

You will have me as your coach, as well as everyone else on the platform! And this includes Kyle, Carson, and Jay!! That’s over, at last count…100,000+ Coaches! I’m not kidding… we help each other out on a daily basis!

Weekly Webinars

Every Friday Night at 6 PM Mountain Standard Time, there is a Live Event known as WAbinars. These are recorded, and in the ‘Library of Knowledge’ (That’s my personal term for it). This is where Jay, our Live Trainer, teaches us the ways of the internet, Google, Bing, online marketing, and building websites… plus so much more!!

And So Much More (But No Free Steak Knives)!

There is so much more! I feel as if I’m doing a disservice, to you dear reader, in that I cannot make a full list. (That is NOT meant as ‘Click-Bait’… it’s just the truth of it).

Time Investment

Earlier I mentioned a Time Investment. This is a flexible idea. Some people spend 3-4 hours a week on WA, for others, it’s a full-time gig.

In my case, I am self-employed, and when I’m not working on clients, I’m usually in Wealthy Affiliate creating, researching, building, and working.

Making Money with WA

Your next question is pretty obvious now. Am I making money? I joined WA in July 2018, so 9 months ago by this post date. The answer to your question… NO, I’m not. (Keep Reading)…

This was a personal choice on my end. I wanted to learn as much as I could BEFORE I started to promote niche products, Affiliate Marketing, and I have been working tirelessly on a project on my original niche site.

That was my choice to not dive into the money aspect and earnings. People are making part-time/ extra income, full-time income, and beyond.

I could go into great detail on who has made what within the Community here, but seriously, until you try it, see it, and meet these people, why would you believe something you read here?

That would be me being ‘that person’ in the mentioned Site Scenarios that I listed. I would be promising you the Sun, Moon, and Stars, just because I can type it… or video it.

Thank You for your time in reading this! Feel free to ask questions, in the comments section below, or check out the WA Free Training and decide from there!