Becoming a LapTop Rebel, via Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, or working online is more relevant today, than ever before, and will continue to grow.

Working from home, the beach, local coffee joint, or wherever you’re heart desires, appeals too many, yet most people think of it as a Fantasy World.

Job Losses

While I’m in Canada, the US isn’t fairing much better when it comes to income, job loss, and affordability of life.

Major retailers are closing, at least here in Canada. From Sears, Target, and now Payless Shoes… and that’s only barely even touches on the job losses. Minimum wage may have gone up, in some Provinces, but companies save by cutting hours, so you might be making $15/ an hour, but at 20-25 hours a week, that’s not going to cut it in the long run.

Then there have been the rollbacks in White Collar jobs. You have the degree, you have the job, and then… Redundancy. You end up getting replaced by 2, maybe 3, Junior Staff, because combined they’re combined income is less. The Worst case scenario, a computer now does your job.

Now that I have thoroughly depressed you… I’m NOT done!! (Break out the tissues).

The Awesome Plan

You have an AWESOME benefit plan at work! Life is sunshine and rainbows, and things are going pretty darn good.

Sure, you’re working 50 hours a week, but darn, you are lucky in today’s current market… then the unthinkable…

You become ill, or your spouse does, and BOOM… Long Term Disability! While still considering yourself lucky, because of this Platinum Style Benefit Plan, not only do you lose those benefits, your disability income has now decreased your earnings by 60%. (This is not meant to be sarcastic, this is my reality… more on that another time… maybe).

They tell you, that you receive 60% of your income, tax-free, BUT what they don’t tell you, is that your expenses go into the stratosphere, because now YOU have to pay for medications and various Therapies.

You can now dry your eyes, I’ll wait.


You can take your knowledge, passion, curiosities… and so much more to the online market! As an expert, an analyst, or blogger, you can monetize anything!

More people are shopping online! Look at Amazon, EBay, and Wish. More, and more people are shopping online, and more companies are offering Affiliate Programs to accommodate that.

Why are they offering these programs? Basic math. To pay you a commission, on a sale that went through your Website, the cost to the company is a fraction of what staffing a store would cost.

Who can be a Laptop Rebel?

Really anyone, but here’s a list of people’s reasons that I know that are doing it:

  • Stay at home parent
  • Those on Disability
  • Spouse on Disability (My LapTop Rebel story is in this category).
  • Retired
  • Some to top up existing income
  • Single Parent
  • Job Loss
  • Students

That’s the SHORT list! A really short list.

Niche Markets

Remember the list?

That list of 12, barely scratches the surface. And those 12? All those niches can be ‘micro-niched’. (Or sub-categories).

There will never be an end to Niche Markets. There are MILLIONS of niches, and within those, millions of categories.

What is a niche?

Anything you can imagine! A niche is a: ‘job or position that is very suitable for someone, especially one that they like’ (according to the dictionary).

This 45(ish) minute video will show you how anything can become a niche:

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