Worth it or Not?

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Online Freelance Writing with Writer’s Work:   


Affiliate Marketing isn’t your thing but have you thought about freelance writing? Online freelance writing has become exceptionally popular and part of the laptop Rebel lifestyle!


Freelancing has become quite popular over the years, and many companies are also farming out specific jobs in projects that require someone to do this sort of work for about 3 to 6 months as opposed to hiring someone full-time.


Maybe writing a Blog, we’re doing affiliate marketing isn’t necessarily what you want to do but you do want to work from home, and you do want to write, so why not freelance writing from home?


How Do You Freelance? 


Several websites are offering freelance writing courses and jobs. But are they doable? Are they reasonably priced? And are they upfront about what they are charging you?


Writer’s Work raises the bar! Not only do they have a job site for Freelancers, but they also have courses so that you can learn how to do freelance writing properly!

writer's work

I’m quite impressed with your membership options. You get Career Training, the writing tools, completion of an online portfolio, and they help you find clients for your work.


The other thing I like is they also have a built-in grammar checker! While I love Grammarly, this too would be handy for those involved with Writer’s Work as it’s in their package!


the training course will help you figure out things like how much to charge for an article, where to find clients how to find jobs on their job posting board, and they claim that they’ll even help you do your taxes!


 Is There a Fee?


Yes, but in checking into freelance writing courses, Writer’s Work is very reasonable. They’re running a great deal right now, and you can save 50 %!

I do advise caution with Writer’s Work. Refering to my previous post 6 Online Income Opportunities, they have had some issues in the past. 

As a LapTop Rebel, I did do some freelance work for a short stint. About five years ago, I won’t tell you the name of the company that I was with, but I found it less than helpful. I found their training to be difficult, and I found their pay low… if you got paid! The time you put into the research, and writing of the article, may pay as little as $8!


There is money to be made and freelancing it’s finding the right place to market your work or learn how to do it from scratch.

Whether you’re a beginner freelancer or season freelancer Writer’s Work could be a winner!



Thank You for taking the time on Worth it or Not!

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Shaunna, LapTop Rebel!